The Paralysis Tick

The Paralysis Tick -Prevalent up the east coast of Australia

Can be extremely dangerous to both dogs, cats and humans (especially children) and can cause death if not identified and removed.

They exist in a belt 10km wide, from Bairnsdale, right up the east coast of Australia. Prevalent in the warmer months, October on. Usually attach around the head, neck, ears, the fold in the ear flap, and between the toes. Can take 7-10 days before symptoms appear. Animals may scratch or bite the area due to the irritation. The tick releases toxins into the bloodstream that affect the muscles of the animal. One of the first signs in dogs is the inability to bark. The next stage is weakness of the hind legs.

Treatment: The most critical element in dealing with ticks is to thoroughly inspect the animal, particular attention being paid to the ear and neck region. Remove the tick, either by hand or with tweezers. If the head is left behind it may turn into an abscess.Topical Spot Ons may be effective


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